ANRI – 2018 mid-year introductions

The unexpeted surprises are in most cases the best ones. So here are the 2018 mid-year introductions by Anri.

There are three new figures for the Juan Ferrandiz nativity called Greetings, Tender Moments and an old friend called Heavenly Concert. In additon to that a Billy Goat for the colored Karl Kuolt nativty in Linden wood. Further a magnificent wood carved picture called The Adoration In Relief by Juan Ferrandiz.

ANRI – The Adoration In Relief – Juan Ferrandiz

ANRI – Heavenly Concert – Juan Ferrandiz nativity

ANRI – Tender Moments – Juan Ferrandiz nativity

ANRI – Greetings – Juan Ferrandiz nativity

ANRI – Billy Goat – Karl Kuolt nativity Linden wood

ANRI – New introductions 2012

In 2012, ANRI presented a new shepherd and the gloria angel for the ANRI nativity, a shepherdess for the Juan Ferrandiz nativity, and two shepherds for the Original Prof. Karl Kuolt nativity in Linden wood from the series Back to the roots.

ANRI nativity

Juan Ferràndiz nativity

Original Prof. Karl Kuolt nativity – Back to the roots – Linden wood