Gunther Granget


ANRI - Gunther Granget

Born in Karlsruhe (Germany), Gunther Granget is considerd by critics and by collectors to be one of the world’s finest living sculptors. After a carefree childhood spent in the love and affection of his family, at the age of 11 he suddenly had to grow up: the war took away his father, mother and brother.


His father had taught him to love nature and to gather inspiration from it, and Gunther had soon developed his interest in figurative creation. His first medium was china, a noble and fragile material obtained from earth and fire. Then he discovered another material, which warmth and naturalness enchanted him immediately: wood.

ANRI - Gunther Granget

Gunther Granget has made exhibitions in famous museums and galleries all over the world. His studies lad him throughout Europe, America and Africa.

As the true artist he is, Gunther Granget considers his life to be a constant development where learning is the essential part.

Gunther Granget sculptureThe result of the collaboration between Gunther Granget and ANRI is this matchless series of animal sculptures refined through the warmth and naturalness of wood.

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ANRI - Gunther Granget