ANRI – Ulrich Bernardi Nativity – New introduction 2016

Ulrich Bernardi nativity

“Matteo”, a shepherd holding a stick and a jug is the new figurine for the ANRI Ulrich Bernardi nativity for the year 2016.
As the other carved figures of the Ulrich Bernardi nativity it is available in 3 sizes in plain Maple wood and in a colored version.

Matteo – Ulrich Bernardi nativity

ANRI – Juan Ferrandiz Nativity – New introduction 2016

Juan Ferrandiz nativity

“Listen!” is the new addition to the ANRI Juan Ferrandiz nativity for 2016. This Ferrandiz nativity figurine comes as always in two sizes – 7,5cm/3″ and 15cm/6″ .

Listen! – Juan Ferrandiz nativity

ANRI – Prof. Karl Kuolt Nativity – New introduction 2016

Prof. Karl Kuolt nativity

The new figurine for 2016 of the ANRI Prof. Karl Kuolt nativity is a kneeling shepherd holding a bag. The wood carved figurine is available in three sizes, either in plain wood or delicately colored with oild paints.

Shepherd kneeling with bag – Karl Kuolt nativity