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Wile the exact time and place of origin of the Chess Game is unknown, we do know that it came to Arabia in the seventh century A.C. via Persia. From Arabia, chess was brought to the west both by the Saracens, through conquering the Mediterranean as well as through the busy trade channels.

Anri Chess
The passing of centuries brought about considerable change in the chessmen themselves. For example the Arabian vizier was changed into the queen, the elephant into the bishop, and the war-cart into the rook. Also the rules were changed, somewhat as in former times the queen and bishop were allowed to overleap two squares only each move.
For many years now ANRI has been world-famed for the finest woodcarvings, your guarantee for the highest quality.

The chess sets produced by ANRI are made from selected seasoned hard wood, finished with the finest oil paints and refined with gold and silver leaf.

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