Holy Land Nativity



Inspired by the art works in the Vatican Library.


When the artisans at ANRI were invited to review the collection of religious art in the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana many years ago, it was considered to be a high honor. The results of that study became the “Holy Land” nativity, regarded by the Vatican as so superb that it was designated part of the official Vatican Library Collection.


Therefore the BIBLIOTECA APOSTOLICA VATICANA has authorized ANRI Woodcarvings to exclusively reproduce its treasures in wood. Their artistic excellence combined with the high quality wood carving tradition of “ANRI” are the foundations for creating the outstanding woodcarvings of the “Vatican Library Collection”. Thus this unique nativity scene based on historical originals and accompanied by a signed certificate guaragteeing the collaboration between ANRI and the Vatican Library.

anri - holy land nativity
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ANRI - Holy Land Nativity - Nativity Set - Nativity Scene