Dating Your ANRI Figurines


anri-brand2The ANRI Trade Marks have changed over the years, and you might use those provided on this page as an indication to date your own ANRI carvings.

Please be advised, that there is no guarantee, that the label on your ANRI figurine is the original one, if that figure was purchased on the secondary market!
A huge percentage of the figures labeled “ANRI” on a well known auction website are everything but ANRI – although some even have an ANRI paper label on the bottom.


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6 thoughts on “Dating Your ANRI Figurines

  1. I have 4 Mother and child plates
    Painted by Juan Ferrnandiz with your stamp dated 1977 painted in 1972
    Can you tell me if they are worth anything. Thanks

    • Dear Marlyn,

      AS we do not deal with vintage Anris, I can’t tell you the value of your plates, but you might want to check the Anri ebay category for similar items.

      With kind regards,

      Andrea Cecconi

  2. I have a umber of Anri carvings bought in the 50’s. They have what I call the green Christmas tree label on the bottom. They also have a small rectangular label that has Anri printed on it and then on the left of Anri it has a small circle with a half circle (in green) inside the full circle. I can’t find anything about this tag. Hope you can help. Thanks Dale

  3. My Anri music box has a mark of a tree with ANRI block letters under . Can you tell me the age of this piece. Has the pull out wooden stick to start and a young girl holding a picnic basket next to a bird house.

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