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Sarah Kay
A housewife in a suburb of Sidney , Australia , Sarah Kay had always been fond of drawing. She had attended the Art Academy and at the age of 20 she started working for an advertising agency.

The designs which brought her great success, however, were made during a period of great anxiety: her little daughter, Allison, was badly ill and to distract herself, Sarah Kay began to draw. She designed happy children in a peaceful environment like the one she had known herself on her grandparent’s farm.

One day she sold some of these designs to a greeting card publisher. The lovely, richly detailed renditions appealed the public immediately. Nowadays, Sarah Kay is known all over the world. The overwhelming success of her children interpretations may be due to the fact that they remind people of their own childhood.

Sarah Kay’s designs are magnificently “translated” into wooden figurines by Master Sculptor Ulrich Bernardi. ANRI has produced a series of figurines in carved wood which combine the ageless quality of this medium with a charm and spirit that makes them seem to come alive.

Ulrich Bernardi - Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay - A penny for your thoughts - Original model

Sarah Kay – A penny for your thoughts – Original model

The Editions are limited and each sculpture is numbered and bears a quality seal. For its uniqueness and perfection down to minimal details every single ANRI sculpture represents a real wood treasure to be admired and preserved for the times to come.

ANRI - Sarah Kay

Enjoy the magic of Sarah Kay, the Australian artist known all over the world for her charming reditions of happy children. These figures will bring you joy and remembrances to last a lifetime.

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