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Juan Ferrandiz
Juan Ferrandiz (*1907  †1997), born in Barcelona believed that children are the hope for the salvation of mankind. That they are the symbol of enthusiasm, open-mindedness and the joy of life. He believed that these characteristics are all too often lost in adulthood.

In his sensitive portrayals of children, we see how the artist has retrained his boyhood sense of wonder. Ferrandiz’ work captures the spirit of youth and the spirit of nature, repeating the message which, he believes he was destined to communicate to the world… “That we must not abandon youthful enthusiasm, but must keep the element of joy alive in our souls.”

Juan Ferrandiz never outgrew his romantic, childlike ideas of the world. Instead, he proudly portrayed them in his artistic expressions. He was an artist, poet, author  and illustrator. His multi-dimensional view of childhood enhanced each and every work. Never content with just one medium, Ferrandiz mastered many and has enjoyed tremendous acclaim for his work.

Juan Ferrandiz - "Sealed with a kiss" original drawing“Each discipline has enhanced the other”, he once reported with a glow of satisfaction. His focus on three dimensional pieces, such as figures and ornaments led to Ferrandiz’ long collaboration with the House of ANRI. Together they have produced many coveted collectible works of art. His subjects include various small animals, such as cats, dogs, mice, rabbits, squirrels, birds and lambs, always united as symbols of fraternity in harmony with the innocence of childhood.

ANRI - Juan Ferrandiz CollectionIt was ANRI Master Wood Sculptor Emmerich Mussner, who created most sculptures of the ANRI Ferrandiz figurine series.

Juan Ferrandiz - Golden Blossom - EdelweißThe complete opus of Juan Ferrandiz is turned to create a wold of love, of comprehension, of poetry, to unite the aspirations, to banish the hatred, to favour peace in the world with an honest message.

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