Anri Nativity


Main precept in the ANRI nativity was to put to the fore the wood and the wooden figures, so that one can enjoy the remaining value of each unique piece of the cradle every year anew.

The figures shall be vividly, laxly and, nevertheless, reverentailly and this has been reached by giving them very special and characteristic marks whereat special value has been placed on the expressions. The figures shall also distinguish between rich (- kings) and poor (- crowd);people from the Mediterranean area and front East were the models.

The very special property of the pine and linden wood gives the artist and carver the possibility to work out each piece till its finest detail.
A closer examination of the figures reveals that a lot of handcraft lies behind. The clear-cut features carved till the corner of the eye,the finest elaboration of clothes and details make each item become a real piece of art.
One considers that carving an individual shepherd in 25cm takes a skilled carver a whole day of work.

Another characteristic of the ANRI nativity is the painting.
Instead of the usual oil colors, these figures are painted with water colors. A special follow-up treatment gives the figurines a pleasant and warm presence under which the grain of the wood is still recognizable. The three Holy Kings are skillfully refined with gold leaf and silver sheets.

The ANRI nativity comes in two sizes: 12cm/4 3/4″ and 25cm/10″ – the small size is carved out of Pine wood and Linden wood is used for the larger version.

The existing series of the “ANRI nativity” will be further extended and complemented bit by bit with new figurines; for the coming years, several new models have already been developed.

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