ANRI – Juan Ferrandiz Nativity – New introduction 2014

Juan Ferrandiz nativity

“The Dreamer” is this years new addition to the ANRI Juan Ferrandiz nativity. The 2014 Ferrandiz nativity figurine comes as always in two sizes – 7,5cm/3″ and 15cm/6″ .

Juan Ferrandiz nativity – The Dreamer

ANRI – Ulrich Bernardi Nativity – New introduction 2014

Ulrich Bernardi nativity

“Romina”, a girl with a bird sitting on her shoulder, is the new figurine of the ANRI Ulrich Bernardi nativity for the year 2014.
As all the others it is available in 2 sizes in a colored version and in plain Maple wood.

Ulrich Bernardi navtivity – Romina

ANRI – Holy Land Nativity – New introduction 2014

Holy Land nativity

After years of waiting time, ANRI has finally introduced a new figurine for the Holy Land antivity, which is part of the “Vatican Library Collection”.

Right now ANRI has only done the 15cm/6″ size, but the 10cm/4″ size should follow later this year.

Holy Land nativity – Shepherdess with basket

ANRI – New introductions 2013

In 2013, Anri introduced a new Sarah Kay collectible figurine, four animals for the ANRI nativity, and new shepherds for the Ulrich Bernardi, Prof. Karl Kuolt and Juan Ferrandiz nativities.

Sarah Kay

ANRI nativity

Ulrich Bernardi nativity

Prof. Karl Kuolt nativity

Juan Ferrandiz nativity

ANRI – New introductions 2012

In 2012, ANRI presented a new shepherd and the gloria angel for the ANRI nativity, a shepherdess for the Juan Ferrandiz nativity, and two shepherds for the Original Prof. Karl Kuolt nativity in Linden wood from the series Back to the roots.

ANRI nativity

Juan Ferràndiz nativity

Original Prof. Karl Kuolt nativity – Back to the roots – Linden wood