ANRI – Prof. Karl Kuolt Nativity – New introduction 2014

Prof. Karl Kuolt nativity

The new figurine for 2014 of the ANRI Prof. Karl Kuolt nativity is a shepherdess carying a basin or washing trough. The wood carved figurine is available in three sizes, either in plain wood or delicately colored with oild paints.

Prof. Karl Kuolt nativity – Shepherdess with basin

ANRI – Juan Ferrandiz Nativity – New introduction 2014

Juan Ferrandiz nativity

“The Dreamer” is this years new addition to the ANRI Juan Ferrandiz nativity. The 2014 Ferrandiz nativity figurine comes as always in two sizes – 7,5cm/3″ and 15cm/6″ .

Juan Ferrandiz nativity – The Dreamer

ANRI – Ulrich Bernardi Nativity – New introduction 2014

Ulrich Bernardi nativity

“Romina”, a girl with a bird sitting on her shoulder, is the new figurine of the ANRI Ulrich Bernardi nativity for the year 2014.
As all the others it is available in 2 sizes in a colored version and in plain Maple wood.

Ulrich Bernardi navtivity – Romina

ANRI – Holy Land Nativity – New introduction 2014

Holy Land nativity

After years of waiting time, ANRI has finally introduced a new figurine for the Holy Land antivity, which is part of the “Vatican Library Collection”.

Right now ANRI has only done the 15cm/6″ size, but the 10cm/4″ size should follow later this year.

Holy Land nativity – Shepherdess with basket