ANRI – New introductions 2018

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Quite early this year, ANRI presented the new nativity figures for 2018.
These are … a shepherd named Simon holding a lamb in his arms for the Ulrich Bernardi nativity, a shepherdess carrying grain for the Karl Kuolt nativity, and a figure called Love for the all time favorite Juan Ferrandiz nativity.

In addition to these new figurines for the classical ANRI nativities, there are also two new shepherds to expand the STEVIA Silent Night nativity that was only introduced last year.

ANRI – Simon – Ulrich Bernardi nativity

ANRI – Shepherdess with grain – Karl Kuolt nativity

ANRI – Love – Juan Ferrandiz nativity

ANRI – Alpine Dairyman – STEVIA Silent Night nativity

ANRI – Servant – STEVIA Silent Night nativity