ANRI – Juan Ferrandiz Nativity – New introduction 2015

Juan Ferrandiz nativity

“Long Journey” is this years new addition to the ANRI Juan Ferrandiz nativity. The 2015 Ferrandiz nativity figurine comes as always in two sizes – 7,5cm/3″ and 15cm/6″ .

Juan Ferrandiz nativity – Long Journey

ANRI – Ulrich Bernardi Nativity – New introduction 2015

Ulrich Bernardi nativity

“Paolo”, a boy playing the flute is the new figurine for the ANRI Ulrich Bernardi nativity for the year 2015.
As the other carved figures of the Ulrich Bernardi nativity it is available in 3 sizes in a colored version and in plain Maple wood.

Ulrich Bernardi nativity – Paolo

ANRI – Prof. Karl Kuolt Nativity – New introduction 2015

Prof. Karl Kuolt nativity

The new figurine for 2015 of the ANRI Prof. Karl Kuolt nativity is a shepherd holding a sheep in his arms. The wood carved figurine is available in three sizes, either in plain wood or delicately colored with oild paints.

Prof.-Karl-Kuolt-nativity-Shepherd with sheep