ANRI – Juan Ferrandiz Nativity – New introductions 2017

Juan Ferrandiz nativity

2017 is a great year for all collectors of the ANRI Juan Ferrándiz nativity, as four new figurines have been introduced!
A new shepherd called “Silent Night”, a sheep looking upwards, an adorable mouse and cat couple named “New friends, and a sweet band of pets called “Helping Hands”

Silent Night – Juan Ferrandiz nativity

Sheep looking up – Juan Ferrandiz nativity

New Friends – Juan Ferrandiz nativity

Helping Hands – Juan Ferrandiz nativity

ANRI – Prof. Karl Kuolt Nativity – New introduction 2017

Prof. Karl Kuolt nativity

2017 brings a young shepherd for the Prof. Karl Kuolt Nativity hanging on to the wooden stick.

Young Shepherd – Karl Kuolt nativity

ANRI – Ulrich Bernardi Nativity – New introduction 2017

Ulrich Bernardi nativity

The newest addition to the ANRI Ulrich Bernardi nativity for  2017 is a double-figure of a young boy and a girl named “Peter and Petra”.

Peter and Petra – Ulrich Bernardi nativity